Want to Volunteer
Want to Volunteer?
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We need YOU! Grand Computers Club operates 100% on Volunteer power and it can’t be done without YOU! Please consider volunteering in the following areas:

Class Instructors and Class Assistants
• If you have a class you want to teach or help out with an existing class we need you!
• You do NOT need to be an expert to assist and oftentimes the curriculum is available and waiting for an instructor.
• Training is provided.
• If interested, please contact the Education Director at education@grandcomputers.org.

• Help the club stay open by serving as a monitor. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? We can use your help.
• You do NOT need to know how to run the equipment or be a technology expert.
• We need FRIENDLY PEOPLE willing to be helpful.
• Training is provided.
• If interested, please contact the Monitor Director, at monitor@grandcomputers.org.

Tech Help
• If you have an expertise in any aspect of technology, we can use your help with our regular Tuesday afternoon Tech Help sessions.
• You will be paired up with a Member who has a specific problem that you may have a solution for.
• Training is provided.
• If interested, please contact the Tech Help Director at techhelp@grandcomputers.org.

Membership Help
• We need someone to verify &/or collect data for attendance at all classes and meetings for end of year reports.
• We need someone to learn how to update our member database and help people sign in &/or correct their information.
• We need someone to run pre-designed database reports as needed.
• We need someone to help new members log into Website and understand directions on Home Page.
• We need someone to teach Zoom to current members who have not yet learned the program.
• If interested, please contact the Membership Director at membership@grandcomputers.org .

Social Committee
• In the past we have planned and organized social events for the club including dinners for members who volunteer for different jobs in the club dependent on credits accrued during the year.
• We also do smaller planning meetings for specific groups including the Tech Helpers.
• If interested in joining our committee, please contact the Social Committee Chair at social@grandcomputers.org.

• If you have some time, some graphic skills or some writing skills, the Publicity committee is looking for you!
• We publish a monthly newsletter, create and publish advertising, flyers, brochures, Facebook postings, our webpage updates, graphics and more.
• We meet periodically, via Zoom.
• If interested in joining our committee, please contact the Publicity Committee Chair at publicity@grandcomputers.org.