Flight Simulator

Flight Simulators Special Interest Group’s purpose is to review and share information concerning flight simulators.

Flight Simulator SIG Purpose

Contact: Theodore Gray - flightsim@grandcomputers.org


April 26, 20244:00 PMComputer Club Open Use Room

Another VFR scenerio to review and discuss. I also have an easy IFR approach decision video. I will demonstrate how to make a short glider task on Condor.


Recent Presentations
File DateFile Name
03/07/2024X-Plane 12 Simulator Startup rev 2-3-24.pdf
03/06/2024X-Plane 11 Simulator Startup rev 10-21-23.pdf
03/01/2024Condor 2 Manual.pdf
02/24/2024Cirrus SR-22 AIM.pdf
02/24/2024Instructions and Interface Guide.pdf
02/05/2024Runway Safety Flash Cards.pdf
06/24/2022F-35B 2.0 Flight Manual.pdf
05/25/2022Cockpit Basics.pdf
04/22/2022X-PLANE 10 simulator startup 4-22-22.pdf