General Information


It is the mission of the Grand Computers Club to provide support for its members and to enhance their use of computers, hand-held devices, and related technology; to operate a training classroom and general use room; and to offer learning opportunities through special interest groups and various meetings.


  1. Promote awareness of the club and its purpose to help users of all levels
  2. Maintain and operate an open use computer facility
  3. Offer computer and software training
  4. Provide educational speakers, seminars and workshops
  5. Support special interest groups
    1. Apple
    2. Compose yourself
    3. Devices
    4. Financial Education
    5. Flight Simulator
    6. Genealogy
    7. Graphics
    8. Ham Radio
    9. New Technologies
    10. Photoshop Elements
  6. Assist members to resolve computer and software problems
  7. Develop and provide services to our members, e.g. Wi-Fi network, email, web hosting
  8. Encourage members to share knowledge in an informal setting

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