Tech Help

All members may now pre-register for Tech Help.
This is for both in-person & remote help, on Zoom

Login to your GCC account then Request GCC Tech Help. Login.

In the Tech Help panel, click on “Request Tech Help”, or in the Tech Help drop down at the top, click on “Request Tech Help”.
The registration form has 3 sections:

 Member Information from CAM
  If you need to update any info here, contact GCC membership.
 Problem Description
  Briefly summarize your Problem
  Select the Type of TechHelp - At the Club or On Zoom
  Indicate if you need help with Zoom – Yes or No
  Check the device(s) that you want assistance on

Getting ready for Tech Help in-Person
 • No appointments - but you may pre-register:
  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Be sure to select At the Club in the Problem Description section.
  • Then Submit the form. You will be sent an email confirmation.
 • You can still register at the club on Tuesdays, starting at noon.
 • Tech Help starts at 12:30PM.
 • Have your usernames and passwords ready for the technician.
 • Bring any power supplies and wires that the technician might need to help solve your problem.
 • Bring any cell phones that might be connected to your account.
 • 1st come, 1st served, when a Tech Helper that knows your issue is available.
 • No help with pre-Windows 10.

Getting ready for Tech Help on Zoom
 • Complete the online registration form.
 • Be sure to select On Zoom in the Problem Description section.
 • Then Submit the form. You will be sent an email confirmation with the Zoom Link for the Tuesday 1:00 PM session with the Zoom link for the Tuesday 1:00 PM session.
 • Do not lose this email, as you will need to click the link on Tuesday.
 • If you indicated that you need assistance with Zoom, someone will contact you to set up a one-on-one training session soon.

Tech Help on Zoom
On Tuesday, at 1:00PM   ***Note the new starting time of 1:00PM***
 • Sign into the Zoom app on your device.
 • Click on the Zoom link you received in the confirmation email.
 • Click on the 'Join' button, and if there is a pop-up window at the top, click 'Open' and you should see a Zoom window.
 • You should see yourself on the screen.
 •Click 'Join with video', then in the lower-left corner of the Zoom window click the mic icon to join with audio.

Tech Help offers help with the following
 • Operating System installations, tune-up & repairs
 • Browsers
 • Networking Issues
 • Browsers
 • Microsoft Office for Windows & Mac
 • Apple Programs including Pages, Numbers, Keynote
 • Cyber Security
 • Home Entertainment
 • Photo Apps
 • Social Media Apps
 • Calendar Apps
 • Contact Apps
 • Email Apps
 • Smartphones
 • Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch
 • Android Tablets

Who are the Tech Helpers? The Club is fortunate to have dedicated individuals who have the passion to serve our members by finding solutions to technical problems. This team of 35+ members are loaded with years of career experience. All have a wealth of technical knowledge. Many have volunteered for ten or more years, while new team members have joined in recent years.

We’re always looking for new members to join the Team!
Interested? Contact Dan Wallen at