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Mac Classes
Mail for Mac (Prerequisite: Familiarity with using a Mac)
 Dec 7 (Wed), 9 (Fri) at 10:30 amJanice Oeswein(3 seats)
Time Machine How to Back-Up Your Data (Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of using a Mac)
 Dec 16 (Fri) at 10:30 amDonald Cacciatore(6 seats)
Other Classes
Android Smartphone Camera, Photos and App (Class 4) (Prerequisite: Own Android Smartphone)
 Dec 19 (Mon) at 10:30 amLarry Laursen(5 seats)
Android Smartphone Email and Navigation (Class 3) (Prerequisite: Own Android Smartphone)
 Dec 12 (Mon) at 10:30 amLarry Laursen(4 seats)
Apple Music (iTunes) - Online (Prerequisite: Access to MacOS, iPhone, iPad or Android)
 Dec 16 (Fri), 19 (Mon) at 3:30 pmIra Simmons(6 online)
iCloud for Mac and PC - Online (Prerequisite: Latest operating systems installed)
 Dec 9 (Fri) at 3:30 pmIra Simmons(1 online)
Kindle Direct Publish-Upload and Print a Book - Online (Prerequisite: Basic computer skills)
 Dec 8 (Thu), 13 (Tue) at 10:30 amMarie McDermott(3 online)