The mission of the Apple Special Interest Group (SIG) is to serve the needs of members of the Grand Computers Club interested in Apple/Mac computers, Apple devices and services. The target audience is for club members with or without Apple computer and/or devices knowledge.

The Apple SIG purpose is to present topical events and information about everything related to Apple.

Meeting time: 3rd Monday 3:30 - 5 PM
Oct - April
Contact: Donald Cacciatore -


December 19, 20223:30 PMChaparral Center, Hopi roomthis Month December 19, 2022 Apple SIG meeting is Canceled
January 16, 20233:30 PMChaparral Center, Hopi roomMac OS Ventura 13.0 will be reviewed
February 20, 20233:30 PMChaparrl Center, Hopi roomTBD
March 20, 20233:30 PMChaparral Center, Hopi roomTBD
April 17, 20233:30 PMChaparral Center, Hopi roomTBD


Recent Presentations
File DateFile Name
05/09/20222020 December - Apple SIG Overview.pdf
12/21/2020December 2020 - Overview, Apple TV & CarPlay.pdf
12/12/2020October 2020 -Overview & Apple Product Update.pdf
12/12/20202020 November - Apple Podcasts.pdf
12/12/2020November 2020 - Apple Podcasts.pdf
12/12/20202020 November - Apple Music.pdf
12/12/2020November 2020 - Apple Music.pdf
12/12/2020November 2020 Apple SIG Overview.pdf
12/12/20202020 November Apple SIG Overview.pdf
12/12/2020December 2020 "Entering the Big Apple, PartTwo (Grand Learning).pdf
12/12/2020December 2020 "Entering the Big Apple, Part One (Grand Learning).pdf
11/18/2020Mac Cheat Sheet.pdf
11/18/20202020 November - Mac Cheat Sheet.pdf
11/18/2020Keeping Your Mac's Hard Drive Happy.pdf
11/18/2020Tips Every Mac User Should Know.pdf
11/18/2020Apple Games.pdf
02/17/2020February 2020 - Apple Watch Presentation.pdf
01/20/2020January 2020 "Our favorite programs and apps".pdf
12/16/2019December 2019 "Hardening Your Mac".pdf
11/19/2019November 2019 "Secret Mac Tips You Did Not Know!".pdf
01/23/2019January 2019: All About Pages.pdf