Marie Frasca, Education Director, 623-322-0744

Jan Oeswein, Assistant Director, 623-556-0336

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Windows Class

Welcome to the Education webpage. We hope to provide you with the necessary information to make your computer experience both enlightening and educational.

Summer classes are now being finalized. Click here for the course listing. Review the description of classes which you are interested in by clicking on the class name. Pay special attention to prerequisites of classes; you don’t want to be in a class that is too easy for you or too difficult for you.

You will be able to view the Class Schedule online on Sunday, April 15.

You will then be able to register for classes online on Friday, April 20 beginning at 8:00 AM. If you have difficulty registering online, you are welcome come to the computer club on Friday, April 20, beginning at 9:00 AM, and someone will assist you so that in the future you will be comfortable registering online.

Click here for the progression of classes for Windows 10.

On April 15, you can also view the Class Calendar and Open Use Calendar.


Refund Policy

Grand Computers Club policy is to refund class fees only in case of illness of you or a significant other or jury duty. We do not make refunds if you just can’t attend the class or forgot about the class date. It’s important that you let the Education Director know if you can’t attend a class, as we may have members on a wait list for that class.

If your reason is valid, we would like to transfer you to another class. If that is not possible, we will refund your class fee if it follows the guidelines above.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We are always looking for new instructors and assistant instructors. If you are interested in teaching, but you are unsure of your abilities, consider assisting in the class. You might be surprised by your abilities. If you are interested in either teaching or assisting contact the Education Director.

Open Classes

No open classes