PC Basic Beginning Computer Skills (Class 1)

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Understand the general computer components of Hardware and
  2. Software
  3. Basic instruction on how to use a computer
  4. How to use the keyboard and mouse
  5. Become familiar with computer terminology
  6. Know what the operating system is
  7. Know what applications are and how to use them
  8. Learn where to find items on the desktop
  9. Learn how to use a printer


Class is only for very beginning computer users. No basic computer skills needed.

PC Basic Beginning Computer Skills is an introduction to become comfortable with accessing and using the computer.

Topics to be covered: Basic use of the keyboard and mouse, learn how to navigate on a Windows computer, and how to work with text.

This course is taught for Windows 10 and 11 even though the class will be taught on Windows 11 computers.