Excel Microsoft 365 Windows 10 & 11 - Part 1

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Learn the power and simplicity of spreadsheets.
  2. Learn how to enter data into the spreadsheet.
  3. Create and label worksheets.
  4. Learn the difference between spreadsheets and worksheets.
  5. Enter and format dates, text, and numbers.
  6. Insert, delete, and move cells, blocks of cells, columns, or rows to create lists.
  7. Use autofill to enter data into rows and columns.
  8. Create formulas used for budgets and checkbooks.
  9. Print and save spreadsheets.


This is an introductory course into Microsoft Excel. Students will learn how spreadsheets work and how to enter, organize and manipulate data, and use basic formulas.

This course is taught for Windows 10 and 11 even though the class will be taught on Windows 11 computers.