iPad Wonderful World of Apps

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20


Materials: iPad


  1. Review of iPad on most current version of iOS 15 and new features like widgets
  2. Discuss and answer questions on changes to original apps with iOS 15
  3. Learn how to move apps and make folders
  4. Learn how to research apps at the Apple Store
  5. Bogus and scamming emails
  6. Discuss options with the camera making and using albums - and other apps that provide editing and fun apps for viewing
  7. Learn how to attach pictures and files to Email and Messages
  8. Using Notes and Reminders
  9. Using Siri with your apps
  10. How to save files to and read books on Books app
  11. How to use search for help
  12. and more bring your questions!


This class is for beginning and advanced students using iPads. There are so many new features in iOS 15 so the majority of class will be devoted to the update and changes. We will discuss and use the Apple apps that come with the devices and learn what to look for and how to download other apps from the App Store. We will go over the camera functions and additional camera apps for editing images. We will learn how to save images to albums, emails, and messages, and how to save pictures from emails and messages to our devices. There are currently 1.85 million Apple apps for sports, travel, news, weather, recipes, health, finance, chatting, writing your life story, games and so much more! How do you decide? Bring your iPads and your questions and we will answer them in class!