Apple Watch-Almost All You Want to Know

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20


Materials: iPhone and Apple Watch


  1. Learn about the most useful features of the Apple Watch and the reasons it is becoming an everyday part of peoples' lives.
  2. Do a deeper dive during the second session into the various settings of the Apple Watch.


Here are just some of the features that we will be exploring on the Apple Watch:

o Ask Siri to send a message and / or set up a Reminder

o Learn how to update your software

o Stream your favorite songs on your run (works wirelessly).

o Discover Always On (Series 5, 6, 7, 8 & Ultra)

o Keep tabs on your resting, walking, and workout recovery heart rate.

o Learn how to do an ECG and monitor your Blood Oxygen level.

o Learn how Fall Detection works.