Elements 1 Intro to Photo Editor (Class 1)

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10


Materials: Photoshop Elements 18 or recent version


  1. Introduce Photoshop Elements (PSE) Editor components of Quick, Guided, and Expert modes and cover the capabilities within each of these modes.
  2. Show you how Elements can add to your creativity as you work on and improve images in class.
  3. Used immediately at home with your computer using PSE.


This is an INTRODUCTORY class and should be taken before all other Editor classes. This will be your first opportunity to work hands-on with photos. It is also the start of the PSE class sequence.

Even if you have taken PSE classes before, this is a good choice to take.

The class will be taught in the classroom with the PSE 2022 version using the Computer Club computers.

It is available on the Open Use Room computers. At home, you don't need to upgrade or even have it on your computer. You will want to practice, or you will lose your new knowledge.