Elements 2 Tools in Photo Editor (Class 2)

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20


Materials: Photoshop Elements 18 or more recent version


  1. Expand your knowledge of the Photoshop Elements (PSE) workspace environment in the Expert Mode.
  2. Explore the extensive array of photo editing tools and their options at your disposal to fix and enhance images.
  3. Become aware of helpful keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Introduce you to some of the improvements in the 2022 version.


The tools are the building blocks that allow you to improve your images and wow your friends and family. This is a hands-on class where we will show how to modify images and create projects.

The class will be taught in Elements 2022 version, but you do not need to upgrade if you have 18 or more recent version of Photoshop Elements.

The class if scheduled in the classroom, will be taught for Windows 10 and 11 even though the class will be taught on Windows 11 computers.