Google Chrome Essentials

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Discover the features that make Chrome the most popular web browser.
  2. Learn about Chrome download, installation and log on.
  3. Explore the Chrome interface.
  4. Discover how Chrome works on mobile devices.
  5. Conduct effective web browsing, navigation, use of tabs, downloads.
  6. Practice customizing Chrome using as default browser: adding apps, extensions and themes.
  7. Understand the bookmarking features.
  8. Acquire knowledge about privacy and security in Chrome.
  9. Learn how to block ads in Chrome.


Whether you currently use Google Chrome as your web browser or not, this course will provide information on some of Chrome's essential features, including how many tie into a Google account to enable synchronization across devices. We will cover some basics of the interface, how to effectively browse the web and how to customize Chrome using tabs, default settings, adding apps, extensions and themes. You will learn how to create bookmarks, organize, manage and import or export using Chrome. We will explore security and privacy within Chrome and how to effectively block unwanted ads on websites.