Android Tablets

Number of sessions: 3
Course Fee: $30



  1. Learn to perform the initial setup of Google account for Apps, Calendar, Contacts.
  2. Learn the basic device operation: hardware keys and functions; using the touch screen; icons and interchangeable terms; menus; settings; home screen setup and personalization; widgets; and notifications.
  3. Learn how to set up tablet internet telephone functions.
  4. Understand activation of the alternative communications connections available on an android tablet. (i.e., Set up blue tooth, Dropbox or iCloud, Google hangout phone dialer or google dual video call apps for non- isp connected tablets, HDMI TV access, NFC for compatible devices, wireless printer)
  5. Set up email: receiving, sending and editing e-mails; saving and deleting drafts; setting up other accounts.
  6. Learn how to maintain and update your tablet apps.
  7. Learn about Android security


The Android operating system (OS)with all its versions, was developed and is supported by Google, and is used in many mobile phones and tablets with many different carriers, i.e., Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. This class will provide all the information that you need to successfully enjoy your tablet.

Please note: To complete this tablet course, you should also take the Google Apps device class to see what other applications are available, but you can separately register for this class. It may be taken either before or after the tablet class when you have an opportunity.