Added E-reader Apps (Nook,Kindle etc)

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10


Materials: Have own devices


  1. The new e-reader apps (Kindle, Nook, Google Books and Apple iBook) setup and synchronization on your device.
  2. The List sources for purchase of e-books commercial as well as free internet archives.
  3. How to Install all 4 major e-reader B&N Nook, Amazon, Kindle, iBook of Apple, Google Books of Google (apps on either tablets or cellphones applications
  4. Synchronization of your device's accounts with the e-reader provider website and cloud libraries.
  5. Customize e-reader setups on device's eyesight needs, reading style, and school requirements for those taking courses in public high school, night school, community college, and universities.
  6. Review legal aspects of licensing e-books.


The purpose of this class is to help students learn how to install e-reader apps on mobile devices that require more than the basic installation performed from the Google Web Store or Play Store, Microsoft Windows Store, or Apple Store.

Note: All cell phone Android and ios applications and all non-telephone PC-related apps have alternative versions that can be installed on Windows and Apple ios system devices.