Calendar for Mac

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Learn how to enter events in the Apple Calendar Application.
  2. Learn how to make multiple personal calendars.
  3. Learn how to back up your calendars.
  4. Learn how to add an alarm to an event.
  5. Learn how to add a location, which provides directions, to your event.
  6. Learn how to add subscription calendars.
  7. Learn how to invite others to Calendar events.
  8. Learn about all the Calendar help that Apple provides for you.


Calendar makes it easy to keep track of your busy schedule. You can create as many separate calendars as you need. You can see all your calendars in a single window or choose to see only the calendars you want. Calendar allows you to add events that show up daily, weekly, or monthly. This class is taught using macOS Ventura (operating system). Get organized, Mac users, with Calendar!