Mac 1: An Introduction to the Mac

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10



  1. Tour the desktop: icons, dock, trash, Spotlight, Help menu, Launchpad, Mission Control, etc.
  2. Learn what is new in Ventura from the Help Menu.
  3. Learn about desktop accessories.
  4. Become familiar with Launchpad.
  5. Briefly look at the applications included on a new Mac.
  6. Become familiar with some "cooler" apps to download.
  7. Examine what information and functions are available in the Apple menu bar.
  8. Become familiar with a "split view".
  9. Become familiar with Spotlight.


This class is designed not only for people who are new Mac users, but certainly for those Mac users who want a more in-depth introduction to the many aspects of the Mac operating system.