Photos for Mac

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Learn to download photos into Photos from a camera, CD, iPhone, iPad or folder.
  2. Learn using iCloud for Mac and devices.
  3. Learn to integrate your Photos between Mac, iPhone and iPad
  4. Learn to organize photos.
  5. Learn to work with Albums.
  6. Learn to assign names to people in photos.
  7. Learn to edit photos and videos within the Photos app.
  8. Learn how to link with other photo editing apps.
  9. Learn how to send photo(s) as an attachment to email and messages.
  10. Learn within the app how to share photos with others.
  11. Learn to print photos.
  12. Learn how to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  13. Learn how to create slideshows and other projects.
  14. Learn alternatives to iCloud for photo storage: Flickr, Google Photos, Amazon and others.
  15. Learn how to integrate photos with Zoom.


Using both the Photos app and other Mac programs, the students will learn to import, organize, store, edit and share digital photos. Also, students will be introduced to creating slideshows with their photos, as well as greeting cards, calendars and books.