Home Entertainment Virtual Reality (Class 4)

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20


Materials: Virtual reality viewer/headset


  1. Use your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to experience a virtual reality.
  2. Understand what virtual reality is and how to stream free virtual reality media.
  3. Discover how to use your smartphone and an inexpensive (less than $40) viewer to create a virtual reality environment.


After many attempts over many years, the virtual reality experience is now available to the personal user. By combining streaming side-by-side video and multi-channel sound in a goggle-like viewer, you can simulate various locale settings and environments that produce realistic sensory feelings.

Note this class will require the student to have a smartphone (iPhone 6 or newer; Android not older than 3 years such as Galaxy S7) and the purchase of a virtual reality viewer/headset. A suitable unit will be recommended prior to the class. Cost should be less than $40.