Cybersecurity Google Chrome Hardening

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10



  1. Participants will learn about:
  2. o Google defense in depth approach
  3. o Learn updates within 24 hours of any bug discovery.
  4. o Learn about automatic avoidance of malicious web sites accessed.
  5. o Learn about sandboxing.
  6. o Learn the varied booting every time Chrome is started.
  7. o Learn about automatic encryption of all export and input transmissions.
  8. o Learn about web site isolation within sandbox.
  9. o Become familiar with Googles 2019 competitive ranking as best web browser available and adjustments and extension to reduce risk.
  10. o Familiar with Google hardening of Java and Adobe Flash within its own code so you can site access older web sites that use it.
  11. o Become familiar with Googles incognito web browser that has no activity history.
  12. o Learn about the extensive library of browser helper objects (BHO) and extensions.
  13. o How to setup Google privacy setting and purging of all data histories.


Whether you currently use Google Chrome as your web browser or not, this course will provide information on the security of Chrome features. It will cover how to setup security and privacy within Chrome. How to effectively block unwanted ads on websites. How to purge your browser activity data.

The 1st hour of the class will be lecture. The 2nd hour will involve actual hardening of students’ computer in the class – assumes the student brings their computer to the class