Cybersecurity Windows 11 (OS) Hardening

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Participants will learn about where to find and use the:
  2. o Windows 10 Windows settings 15 menus and their associated sub-menus.
  3. o Windows 10 as a (SAS) software as a service that is in transition that must be updated every month and semi-annually.
  4. o Setup the security and privacy options to purge historic activity data to suit your requirements.
  5. o Setup to turn off access to all your internal devices and software for applications and programs so they cannot be used by malicious programs especially web browser, text messaging and email.
  6. o Setup to install Windows Defender and another managed antivirus and anti-malware software package.
  7. o Menus to check security on (security at a glance) menu.
  8. o. Way to purge your data off its web site if you use a Microsoft id. For newer PC’s that have update 1903, Microsoft.
  9. o Reliability monitor to show any changes in Windows 10 configuration by updates.
  10. o The different menus that can change how you can purge your activity data.
  11. o Ransomware option, anti-tamper and sandboxing security protocols for device security.
  12. o Private browsing screen called “browsing in private” that does not collect history of your web activity.


Hardening a computer is usually the process of securing an operating system by reducing its surface of vulnerability (your memory, communication protocols’ and your personal files) to limit your computer’s exposure to external attack or exploits by purging activity data, personal information and adding data back-ups. The hardening process is dependent upon the computer device involved and the update installed which is constantly changing. This course is being taught initially to handle both older PCs that can’t handle update 1903 and the newer PC’s that are less than 3 years old. All machines can be hardening by limiting data and access while providing a reliable data back-up after update 1803. This can be significantly improved if you isolated the critical components of device processor and the web browser components. Update 1903 or better provides a rebuild Edge-2 that has sandboxing and isolated memory execution that prevents attacks from internet.

The 1st hour will be a lecture. The 2nd hour of each session will involve actual hardening of student’s computer in the class - assumes the student brings their computer to the class.