Cybersecurity Safari and Time Machine

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10



  1. To learn to set secure settings in Safari
  2. To learn about private window browsing
  3. To learn how to clear history
  4. To Check and set privacy settings
  5. To Check and set Camera and Microphone in Safari
  6. To learn how to Always have backups of your machine – local & cloud
  7. To learn how to use Time Machine for Backups


Hardening your internet browser, Safari, is an essential step for securing your personal information and data. Hardening tries to detect, delay and stop external users using your computer. Hardening involves several steps to form “layers” of protection. The student will learn to secure the Safari Browser using private window browsing, clearing history, checking passwords stored in iCloud Keychain, checking security and privacy settings and the extensions to use. The student will learn how to lock down the camera and microphone in the Safari browser. Backups of your system are mandatory – use local, off-site & cloud. The student will learn how to use Time Machine for backing up the Mac computer.

The latest version of the macOS will be utilized in the class.

The class will be taught using the Zoom video conferencing tool as an On-Line class.