Cybersecurity MacOS Hardening

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. To learn to always use a password on Mac computers
  2. To learn how to turn on Firewall
  3. To Check and Set Security and Privacy Settings
  4. To Check and set what you are Sharing
  5. To Check and set Camera and Microphone in Safari
  6. To learn how to Always have backups of your machine – local & cloud


Hardening your computer is an essential step for securing your personal information and data. Hardening tries to detect, delay and stop external users using your computer. Hardening involves several steps to form “layers” of protection. The student will learn to always use a password on their computer, how to turn on the Firewall, how to check and set security and privacy settings, and how to check what you are sharing. The student will learn how to lock down the camera and microphone in Safari browser. Backups of your system are mandatory – use local, off-site & cloud.

The latest version of the macOS will be utilized in the classroom.

The 1st session of the class will be lecture. The 2nd session will involve actual hardening of students’ computer in the class – assumes the student brings their computer to the class.