Cybersecurity Introduction to Basics

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10



  1. Participants will learn:
  2. o What technology(devices) are used in your home network.
  3. o What the current risks and threats now exist on the internet.
  4. o Who, what, where, when and why the bad guys(hackers) are hassling you?
  5. o Where these cyber criminals are targeting your computer and its software.
  6. o What Smart cyber habits you should adopt to protect your home network.


This course is a broad review of what your home should have, what the IOT network consists of, who the cyber criminals are, and what they want from you. Plus, what cyber smart habits you should adopt to protect yourself. In case anything goes wrong, it recommends that you have data backup hardware insurance by having an external disk drive copy of your data that cannot be hacked. It is taught so that it can be used on any internet device.

Furthermore, it also describes the new best practices course on hardening your devices and software to further limit your internet risks.

The second hour will review how to secure your home network.