Web Development Workshop

Number of sessions: 4
Course Fee: $40



  1. Develop and publish a new responsive website that is viewable on the web and adjusts to all sizes of devices.
  2. Learn how to create and design web pages.
  3. Learn how to integrate the individual pages into an overall website.
  4. Develop menus for the website.
  5. Implement a photo gallery on a web page.


The workshop will be centered around creating a new responsive website. The new responsive website can be viewed by any device and will automatically adjust size of pictures and text to fit the size of the devices window. The student will learn about hosting a website and publishing to an internet web hosting server. The student will develop several webpages for the new website and learn to publish the website to a hosted internet web server that can be viewed 24/7 by anyone in the world. If time permits, a password protected page will be created that can only be viewed by selected members of the website. The WYSIWYG Web Builder v15 will be used and the student can download a trial version of the software to use during the class. The class will be taught using Windows 10.