Pages 1 for Mac

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Use Apple templates to create documents. Includes using replacement typing to enter text onto a background document and within text boxes and working with images.
  2. Create new blank documents using the "Format" and "Document" tool bars effectively.
  3. Add images, shapes, tables, and charts to documents.
  4. Learn to manipulate borders, margins, colors, and placement of objects in a document.


This class is an Introduction to Pages v. 11.2 - one of three programs that share an interface within iWork. Pages, a Mac application, is both a word processing and page layout application with extensive support for graphics.

Pages can open MS Word documents in the Pages format for reading and/or editing, and can export to MS Word, plain text, rtf, pdf, and ePub formats.

This class is completely hands-on, meaning that the instructor will demonstrate a feature, and then the students will try it out themselves on a practice document.

Note: While there is a Pages app in iOS format for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad), it is not the same as the full Pages application designed for the Mac OS. This class is for the Pages program that is installed on all the Mac computers in our club classroom and open use room, which are running mac OS Ventura.