Chromebook Workshop

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10


Materials: Bring a Chromebook to class as this will be a hands on workshop


  1. Discover how to startup, update, backup, restore, and run a Chromebook
  2. Install from the Android Store applications that can be run on a Chromebook to achieve similar results to what can be realized by using a Windows, OS X, and Linux laptop.
  3. Discover how using a Chromebook can offer easier to use security, recovery, and maintenance than can be currently experienced on other platforms.
  4. Learn how to use a Chromebook to accomplish your everyday computing tasks.


Learn how a sub-$300 Chromebook can function as your next primary computer.

Google has made considerable investment in the Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS) over the last several years. The Chromebook is a laptop computer that runs the Chrome OS. Chrome OS includes, but is much more than just the Chrome Browser.

Chromebooks have built-in automatic security; Chrome OS can be updated through a simple restart; Chrome OS boot-up or shutdown takes less than 10 seconds. Most Chromebook application software is free. Learn to customize and use your Chromebook to accomplish your everyday computer tasks.