Intro to Chromebook

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10


Materials: None required; bring a Chromebook if you have one


  1. Look at how a Chromebook is similar and different from other laptop computers.
  2. See which applications can be run on a Chromebook to achieve similar results that can be realized by using Windows, OS X, and Linux laptops.
  3. Discover how using a Chromebook can offer better security, recovery, and maintenance than can be currently be experienced on other platforms.
  4. Find out how Google and Chromebooks have taken over the US education system.


Come see if a sub-$300 Chromebook can be your next primary computer.

Google has made considerable investment in the Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS) over the last several years. The Chromebook is a laptop computer that runs the Chrome OS. Chrome OS includes but is much more than just the Chrome Browser.

Google has captured the majority share of student computers in the US classrooms. Chromebooks have built-in automatic security; Chrome OS can be updated through a simple restart; Chrome OS boot-up or shutdown takes less than 10 seconds. Most Chromebook application software is free. A Chromebook can be purchased for under $300.