iPhoto Camera App

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20


Materials: Need to view Zoom class and iPhone to practice during the class.


  1. Learn how to photograph using more complex options including Flash, Filters, Live Camera, Night Mode, change Exposure Setting, F Stops and more.
  2. Learn to use the Camera App to take Photos in Photo Mode, Portrait Mode, Panoramic Mode, Time-Lapse, and Slow Motion as well as short Videos.
  3. Learn how to use Camera to create wide angle, regular, and telephoto options for taking photos, Portrait and Landscape modes, change size of photo to 4:3, 16:9 and square and why and when change is necessary.
  4. Learn how to save and send photos via air drop, messenger, email, and social media to load photos to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.
  5. Learn how to take a photo while shooting a video.
  6. Learn how to take a photo directly in the Messenger App.


This course will teach the student how to take photos in the Camera App using the touch screen controls. The class will be hands-on from learning various ways to open the app to using the various Camera Modes, Filters, and options such as Flash, Live Photo, changing F-stops, exposure, and more. Each step will be demonstrated and then the student will complete the same action on their device.

Skills taught in class include, learning how to take various photo and video types as described above and Navigating through the newly redesigned Menus of the latest IOS (Apple's Operating System) of the Camera App.