Mailchimp for Mass Email

Number of sessions: 3
Course Fee: $30



  1. Create an account
  2. Familiar with a dashboard and terminology
  3. How to load data from a spreadsheet
  4. Creating and testing email
  5. How to design points
  6. Adding links and images
  7. Maintaining distribution list
  8. Managing new resident
  9. Remove non-resident from Mailchimp
  10. Remove non-resident from spreadsheet


Mailchimp is a tool that allows the distribution of an email to hundreds or even thousands of recipients (mass mailing). This large distribution cannot be performed from an individual email as the communication is reported as potential spam. As a community representative that sends communications to large audiences, Mailchimp is a free online tool that can create and send emails to our residents.

Benefits of using Mailchimp:

1.An opt-out function that enables the resident to choose not to receive the email in the future.

2.A tracking feature showing the number of recipients that opened and read the email.

3.A survey tool that can be included as a link to a communication.

Class will be taught on PC and Mac computers