Mailchimp for Mass Email

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Create a Mailchimp account
  2. Become familiar with a dashboard and terminology
  3. Loading resident data from a spreadsheet
  4. Maintaining resident contact data
  5. Creating, designing, and testing an email
  6. Adding links (web or attachments)and images


Mailchimp is a tool that allows the distribution of an email to hundreds of recipients (mass mailing). A large distribution may be problematic from an individual email as the communication could be reported as potential spam. As a community representative that sends communications to large audiences, Mailchimp is a free online tool (limited to 500 contacts and 1000 emails/month) that can create and send emails to our residents.

Benefits of using Mailchimp:

1. An opt-out function that enables the resident to choose not to receive future emails

2. A tracking feature showing the number of recipients that opened and read the email

3. A content studio to add PDF links or images to your communication

4. A survey tool that can be included as a link to communication (separate training)

Class will be taught on PC and Mac computers