iPhone Basic Setup Workshop

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10


Materials: iPhone


  1. Assist students with the basic setup and primary use of their device.
  2. Show how to locate and connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. Set up the device with the current iOS.
  4. Set up an Apple ID and password.
  5. Set up an iCloud ID and password.
  6. Download the owner manual.
  7. Show how to connect to the internet and Grand Computers website and practice log-in.


In this workshop, the students will be instructed on how to set up an Apple iPhone. The students will be introduced to the basic operations to start using the device. The workshop will familiarize the student with how to connect to the internet using the club Wi-Fi access. Once connected to the internet, the students will get practical experience checking the iOS version on the device and, if needed, relating to the Apple store to download the most current version. The student will be shown how to set up an Apple ID and password to access the Apple store.

Students will be offered where to obtain and download a copy of the device owner manual.

Students will also be introduced to Apple iCloud and how to set up an ID and password.

If time allows, the instructor will demonstrate more advanced operations covered in the following levels of the iPhone class series.