Windows 10 &11 Photos App (Class 7)

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10



  1. Review File organization.
  2. Import photos into Photos.
  3. Review Photos menus.
  4. Review Photos settings.
  5. Review editing of photos.
  6. Review how to share photos.
  7. Review how to make a video.
  8. Review printing of photos.


Class is for both Windows 10 and 11 users and will present an overview and instructions of how to import, edit, share photos in the Windows 11 Photos App. The Photos App provides an easy way to import photos from your camera and phone into the computer. It organizes them into folders for future reference by date. The photos can be viewed as a slide show and projected to a larger screen on a smart TV using direct Wi-Fi on newer PCs. The Photo App provides simple editing such as cropping, light, and video creation. It is set-up for sharing with other Apps that are part of Windows 11. Windows 11 will be used to demonstrate basic terminology and operations. Time will be allocated for individual help and repetition of procedures.