Windows 10 & 11 Advanced Care & Feeding (Class11)

Number of sessions: 4
Course Fee: $40



  1. Learn to set up and use System Restore.
  2. Learn how to streamline and customize the desktop, the Start menu, the Quick Launch area, and the System Tray for faster startup on booting.
  3. Learn about task view and multiple virtual desktops.
  4. Review routine maintenance procedures.
  5. Learn how to use Task Manager to monitor the performance of the computer.
  6. Explore turning off the computer vs leaving it on.
  7. Learn about antivirus programs and firewalls.


This course is for both Windows 10 and 11 users and covers a series of Window tips to make a computer work more efficiently. It also reviews common pitfalls that will cause problems and how to avoid them. This course is taught with Windows 11.