Windows 10 & 11 Mail, Calendar and People (Class 5)

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10



  1. Set-up accounts.
  2. Review Mail Settings.
  3. Receiving - reading Mail.
  4. Review Mail Menus.
  5. Create/send messages.
  6. Review Calendar - creating an event.
  7. Review People - editing/entering contacts.


This class is for both Window 10 and 11 users. and will present an overview and set-up for using the Mail App that is part of Windows 11 operating system. It provides a free easy to use mail program for a personal user that can be used with multiple email service providers. It is tied together with the included Calendar and People Apps. Class will primarily cover setting up mail accounts and show how the calendar and contacts interact. Time will be allocated for individual help and repetition of procedures. Windows 11 will be used to demonstrate basic terminology and operations.