Windows 10 &11 Edge Browser (Class 6)

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10



  1. Learn:
  2. Set-up: Favorites, Start Page, Home, Options.
  3. Importing Favorites.
  4. Searching, Search Provider, in page search.
  5. Saving content to Favorites, Reading aloud.
  6. Favorites, History, Downloads.
  7. PDF editing, Mark-up/Web Notes.
  8. Sharing content.
  9. Pinning web pages to start/task bar.


This class is for both Windows 10 and 11 users and will present an overview and set-up for using the new Edge web browser that is part of Windows 11. The Edge browser has been significantly improved since its first introduction. It is now considered faster and safer than other browsers. The Edge web browser provides additional features compared to current web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. It integrates with other Windows 11 apps to make exploring and sharing easier. Time will be allocated for individual help and repetition of procedures.