Windows 11 Overview Latest Version (Class 1)

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Review Overview of Windows 11 Latest Update.
  2. Explore clipboard History and Sync.
  3. Review a Dark Theme for File Explorer.
  4. Review Swift-Key Comes to Windows 11
  5. Review “Your Phone App” for Android and iPhone Users.
  6. Review Sets Brings Tabs to every App DELAYED.
  7. Review Alt Tab Now Shows Tabs DELAYED.
  8. Search Previews in the Start Menu.
  9. Review A New Screenshot Utility with Annotation Tools.
  10. Review Microsoft Edge Browser Updates.
  11. Review Reading View, Books, or the PDF viewer has Dictionary Definition.
  12. Explore Easy HDR Setup.
  13. Explore Mobile Broadband Improvements.
  14. Review Task View / Time Line Gets Some Improvements.
  15. Explore Hidden Window Borders and More Acrylic Design.
  16. Understand Windows Defender Becomes Windows Security.
  17. Use of Font Installation for Everyone.
  18. Tour Power Usage Details in the task Manager.
  19. Learn to make Text Bigger.
  20. Windows Update Will predict The Best Time To Restart.
  21. Review New Game Bar Feature.
  22. Tour Wireless Projection Control.
  23. How to get More Emojis.
  24. Review how Mail Ignores Your Selected Browser by Default.
  25. Explore how Skype Get Big Update.
  26. Lots of Improvements to Notepad.
  27. Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts for Bash.
  28. Explore Diagnostic Data Viewer Improvements.
  29. Review more Useful Features and Interesting Changes.
  30. Review other Geeky Changes.


Class is an Overview Presentation with on-line demonstrations of the Windows 11 Operating System Latest Version. Students will receive an email with attachments containing Overview Presentation Materials for later reference.