Windows 11 Basic (Class 3)

Number of sessions: 2
Course Fee: $20



  1. Upon completion of this class, the student will be able to
  2. Explain the major differences between Windows 11 and earlier Windows versions
  3. Efficiently use the components of the Task Bar
  4. Manage apps using the Start Button
  5. Customize the Desktop appearance; move, re-size and delete app icons
  6. Open the Settings Menu to adjust display options, view storage use and find device specifications
  7. Use the new File Manager to find files using Quick Access, Desktop, Documents and more
  8. Leverage the Snipping Tool
  9. Navigate the new Microsoft Store
  10. Troubleshoot problems with Task Manager
  11. Access the Action Center
  12. Properly shut down, restart or put the computer to sleep
  13. Control sound settings
  14. Start and sign into Windows 11 with a MS or local account
  15. Update your computer with the latest updates
  16. Open the Notification Center
  17. Use the new Snap layout menu


Windows 11 Basic is an introduction to Windows 11 operating system for individuals new to Windows 11 with some experience using older Microsoft operating systems. Students will review Windows 11 Beginner and covers a more in-depth view of various programs and functions within Windows 11.