Windows 11 Beginners to Computers (Class 2)

Number of sessions: 1
Course Fee: $10



  1. Learn the history of Windows
  2. Understand key enhancements contained in Windows 11
  3. Discover how Windows 10 and 11 will coexist
  4. Learn basic Windows 11 desktop navigation
  5. See what Widgets are
  6. Learn basic Windows 11 files and folders
  7. Learn about Edge and how it compares to Chrome and Firefox
  8. Navigate the Grand Computers Club website


Class is designed for the person who has little computer experience. You will learn about and practice on a mouse and keyboard and learn some of the basics of Windows 11. You will learn how to navigate the Windows 11 desktop, particularly the Start Menu. You will become familiar with the Grand Computers Club website and how to find information on it.